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Counselling practices of all sizes can use Sgioba


Your Own Practice Portal

You can customise a full web page to promote your business, this provides a link which you can publish to allow future clients to follow through to your registration form.  You have a great opportunity to promote your practice, give information and state your terms and conditions.
Landing Page

Easy Client Registration

Design and configure your own registration form.  Your client can reach out to you from the comfort of their own home, while suppying important information to allow you to decide the best way in which you can help them.

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Registration Form

Seamless Process Flow

Each stage of a client’s progression is fully documented with Registration, Session notes, Appointments and Treatment Summary forms.  Client details are presented depending on their status. Active clients are grouped together so you know immediately who needs attention.

Active Clients

Effective Documentation

Interactions with clients are easily documented, including impromptu conversations via email or phone.  Add notes directly into the system, or copy and paste notes into our user friendly interface.

Client File

A full documentation interface allows the practitioner to locate and view all the associated documents and notes for each client. Privacy options allow varying degrees of accessibility for the security of the client and practitioner.

Treatment Summary

Using predefined forms, a full history of the client can be tracked from registration, initial consultation to ending of treatment.

Treatment Summary

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Security: We Care About Your Privacy


Easily Facilitate and Streamline Your Workflow


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Online Well-being Questionnaires

Outcome Questionnaire
  • Design Your Own Questionnaires
  • Use Industry Standard GAD-7 / PHQ-9**
  • Online Completion via Client Device
  • Instant Graphing
  • Well-being Reporting
  • Counselling Team Management and Reporting

**Permission to use these questionnaires must be obtained first.

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